Mergers & Acquisitions

Sunbelt Advisors are specialized in low M&A companies in the range of $1MM to $50MM

Less than 5% of companies in the United States generate between 5 million to 100 million in revenue. Selling this size businesses requires expert Advisors with depth knowledge of Industries, Business Transactions, Marketing, Financial Analysis, and Negotiation. Our expert advisors with CPA, MBA, CBI, M&AMI designations, business ownership, and over 33 years of experience can help you with Successful Exit Planning.

Unlike other M&A firms We don’t have Retainer fee, and we maintain your information Strictly Confidential. Sunbelt has specialists in virtually every industry like Staffing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Business Services, Technology, Construction, Retail, Consumer Products, Automobile, and Educational Services.

Sunbelt has sold companies in every industry with highest possible value and terms.

M&A Seller

We don’t ask you to sign an Engagement Agreement, we want you to see the Valuation of your business and then decide whether you like to retain us as your Broker or not.

We know how to identify the best buyers for your company, and we understand what Strategic Buyers and Private Equity Groups are looking for. We spend hours our time. efforts, and fund for the most effective Marketing Campaign.

Most importantly, we can help you negotiate the sale of your company with the best possible results.  Selling your business is not just about price. Financially it’s about having the best possible net proceeds from your sale. And for many business owners it’s also about legacy and setting you up for whatever you want to accomplish next.

Whether you want the next chapter in your life to include retirement, or another business venture, our M&A Advisors can help you secure the best possible result.

M&A Buyer

Are you Buying a business? Or interested in acquiring a business in certain industry and you could not find it?

We have created our TAP, Targeted Acquisition program and here is how it works:

  • You retain us as your Advisors
  • Let us know industry you are interested in, geographic are, revenue, number of employees
  • We have access to database of all companies in every industry, we have ability to screen these companies based on your acquisition criteria
  • Our marketing staff target selected companies, and we will find the right business for you
  • Our Advisors help you with negotiation
  • We help you to get financing from lender of your choice
  • Our Advisors will help you with your Due Diligence all the way to Closing
  • We help you to get financing from lender of your choice
  • Our Advisors will help you with your Due Diligence all the way to Closing