I interviewed 6 Brokers and fortunately found you in April 2007. You were willing to work with me despite my very short deadline of November 30, 2007. The first thing you did was assure me that the practice had value based on your assessment of my style of practice, my financials and the physical set up of the office. You determined a realistic price (Much higher that I had figured.). You were very good at determining who was a serious candidate and who was waste of time. When you found the eventual buyer, you spent a tremendous amount of time interacting with him, his lawyer, my lawyer and me. You answered my many phone calls and E-mails promptly and seemed always quickly available.

Somehow, you succeeded in bringing the sale to a successful closing two weeks before the deadline I had set to retire. I realize that this was possible just because of a prodigious amount of work on your part.

I found working with you very pleasant, professional, reassuring and realistic, and I am very grateful to you for all the time you spent on this sale. You were a tenacious, astute facilitator and advocate. You never gave me the feeling that you considered my Medical Practice too small to justify your time. I felt that you treated me as if I had a multi- million dollar business. I realize that my practice value was small in comparison to many of your clients, but you always acted as though my sale was your number one priority and I appreciate it. And I appreciate the tremendous amount of energy you spent on my behalf.

I highly recommend you to those who need a medical practice broker.

James. W Turner, Jr., M.D.

I would like to provide this formal letter of highest recommendation to you for the outstanding service you provided me selling my business this July. Despite insurmountable odds you succeeded in selling my business in this very rough economy in a relatively short period of time. The professionalism, expertise, and most of all congeniality you provided me made it an extremely comfortable process, despite all the obstacles I placed in your way.

When I received your name from my friend also selling her business through you, she recommended you knowing that I had aversions to aggressive, pushy salespeople and disingenuous characters. And not only was she correct, but I had the opportunity to really test your character under pressure, and she undervalued your true worth.

After working with you I cannot imagine going through this experience with someone who was only looking out for the bottom line. Your overwhelmingly genuine willingness to work with me despite all the shortcomings I placed in your path, your attention to detail, and quick turnaround response (no matter what the question) really conveyed your sincerity and professionalism to me. I cannot speak highly enough of my respect for you professionally and personally. It has been a pleasure to know you and to work with you. And I will always be indebted to you for sharing your professionalism with such a kind heart.

Jay Berger, Prior Owner
Miss Roben’s dba Allergy Grocer Manufacturing & E-Commerce

Thank you for your outstanding service. You have handled the sale of my business in a very professional and effective manner. You have advertised the sale of our business very confidentially. You have prescreened several prospects in your office and our business name and location was only disclosed to qualified prospective buyers.

Although, there were many obstacles, you managed the issues quickly and wisely. You have been honest and sincere during the entire process of selling my business.

I wish you good luck and more success in the future. I highly recommend Sunbelt to anyone interested in selling or buying a business.

Paul Scutt, cyberSTOP

We just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you provided. The sale of one of our restaurants was a success because of you. You took a personal interest in our needs, and brought us only qualified prospects. You were as concerned about our time as we were, and even though things were frustrating at times, you stayed the course. We wish you all the best in your pursuits, and hope to see you frequently at Fontina Grille.

Don and Carrie D’Antona

Thank you for your commitment, professionalism and outstanding performance. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and Sunbelt Business Brokers. Your dedication to finding the prefect buyer for Alpenglow Art was evidenced by your devotion to our company and research in regard to potential clients for the business. You prescreened potential candidates so as to find out there compatibility with out business. You facilitate the process in a timely manner and provided valuable information.

Thank you for a job well done. I will confidently recommend your services as an expert in business acquisition to other business owners who are planning on selling their business. I hope to utilize your service again the future. I wish you continued success

Fred Shapiro

I would like to thank you for selling my GNC (General Nutrition Center Franchise),. Not only did you find the buyer, you also helped the buyer in the financing process. Sunbelt’s process to sell my business was done in a very professional and confidential manner. I will definitely recommend Sunbelt and particularly you and your office to anyone I know. Personally, you will be the first person I contact if I need such service again.

Nick Patel